Vote for Person, Not Party, for Travis JP3. Vote Sylvia Holmes.

Between Sylvia Holmes & Martin Harry – Vote for Holmes for Travis Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3


Sylvia Holmes defeated incumbent JP3 Judge Steeg earlier this year, and for good reason.  Holmes has a more progressive view of being a judge than Judge Steeg, who developed robe-itis.  You can read about the Austin Chronicle’s endorsement of Holmes here:


Martin Harry is running for JP3 as a Republican.  I heard a radio advertisement for him this last week.  He is claiming to be the only ethical candidate for that race, stating that because Holmes has taken attorney contributions for her campaign, she is unethical.


This is pretty funny.  Every lawyer in Texas contributes to judges’ campaigns. 


It is also funny because Martin Harry was disbarred from taking cases in front of the Social Security Administration for refusing to return money after he was overpaid.   


Harry represented social security claimants for more than 17 years.  The Social Security Administration noticed that Harry had been overpaid as their lawyer.  The Social Security Administration requested that Harry return the over-payment. 


Harry had been overpaid for years.  He refused to return the money that should have been going to social security beneficiaries.  The Social Security Administration gave Harry four options: 1) repay the money he did not have a right to keep, 2) provide evidence that he had already repaid it, 3) prove that the Administration was wrong about the over-payment, or 4) be sanctioned with disqualification from representing social security beneficiaries.


Harry failed to do the first three, and he was sanctioned with disqualification from representing people in front of the Social Security Administration.  Martin Harry attempted to fight the disqualification, claiming that it prevented him from making a living.  The Fifth Circuit held that Harry had a sufficient chance to contest the disqualification and upheld the disqualification ---- right before Harry decided to run for JP3.


You can read the Fifth Circuit’s decision here:


Sylvia Holmes has significant experience with small claims and misdemeanors (as an attorney), and has been giving UT students legal advice as the Associate Director of Legal Services for Students at the University of Texas.  She will make a fantastic Justice of the Peace.


Why Party Doesn’t Matter in Judge Races:

If you’re inclined to vote straight-ticket Republican, hear me out.  Party identification has no real correlation to a judge’s behavior while on the bench. 


It was a Republican JP in McLennan County that set identical $1 million bonds for 177 motorcyclists arrested in 2015 to “send a message” when bond is constitutionally required to simply ensure the accused’s appearance in court, not to be used as an instrument of oppression


The fairest district court judge in the Williamson, Travis, Hays County area is a Republican in Hays County (J. Henry), not a Democrat in Travis. 


And, there are many Republican judges on Travis County benches, only they ran as Democrats because they couldn’t get elected as Republicans.


Vote for the right person, not the party.  And, for Travis JP3, that’s Sylvia Holmes.