Antonio Buehler - Trying a Capital Class C Misdemeanor

Yesterday evening, I was privileged to speak about our October 23, 2014 municipal court trial at a Calvert Inns of Court meeting.  If you are curious about Antonio's first Class C trial, or the facts that led to my client being indicted by a grand jury for a Class C misdemeanor, you should visit  

It seems striking that an attorney would be asked to speak to other lawyers about a Class C misdemeanor.  What struck me more, however, was how positive those lawyers were.  One in particular wondered why prosecutors are not charging police officers with perjury when those officers verifiably lie.  

We are gearing up to try more of Antonio's misdemeanor cases.  When lawyers put this much effort into a misdemeanor, we jokingly call it a 'Capital Misdemeanor,' meaning that its been exaggerated to the level of a Capital Murder.  

Wish us luck.